The (Continued) Zeal of a Podcast Convert

For the original in this series, see The Zeal of a Podcast Convert.

In July, I started listened to podcasts, apparently swept up in an ascendent trend of spoken-word audio. We are, it seems, in a golden age of podcasting. Many things have happened in the podcast medium and to my listening habits since then (including my spending a total of 6 days and 8 hours of time listening, according to my pod catcher of choice, PocketCasts), so I figured it was time for part two of this series, such as it is.

First, and most significantly, we lost Grantland:

Here, Bill Barnwell of the Grantland NFL Podcast, during what was suspected to be a walkout of sorts at the sports / pop culture site. In fewer than two weeks’ time, Grantland would be gone.

My first lineup of podcast listening included three from the Grantland network — now, sadly, it includes none.

Next, I got some new tools, namely a new car with bluetooth audio. Here’s what I’m working with:
Here were my available tools:
- 2015 Toyota Corolla
- Entirely too many pairs of headphones purchased over the years on the advice of The Wirecutter
- Moto X (2013) smartphone on Republic Wireless Call + Text + .5 GB data plan
- A daily (on weekdays) 25-minute commute in either direction.

Oh, and we dropped cable TV service at our house last week.

So, what am I listening to? Up from an original lineup of 12, I now keep 21 podcasts in rotation. First, some originals remain. They are nearly perfect expressions of the form:

- Reply All
- 99% Invisible
- Mystery Show
- Radiolab
- Planet Money
- Welcome to Night Vale

Somewhere in the late summer or early fall, these now-regulars entered, all of which are much more hit than miss:
- Criminal
- Material
- Re/code Decode
- The Allusionist
- The Awl
- The Memory Palace
- Lawyer 2 Lawyer
- Song Exploder

I have begun listening to some of last year’s blockbusters, too:
- Serial
- Invisibilia

The newest of the bunch are:
- The New Yorker Radio Hour
- A Waste of Time
- Withdrawn
- Channel 33 (Specifically, “The Watch")
- The Next Picture Show

And sadly, let us pour one out for the dearly departed:
- The Lowe Post
- Jonah Keri Podcast
- Grantland NFL Podcast

Finally, I’ve been keeping up with Nick Quah’s hot pod newsletter, which has been a source of inspiration for new things to listen to while I drive, do the dishes, and shred documents in my office on Sunday afternoons. Some things that I’ve heard have been truly life-changing, and almost everything has been excellent entertainment.

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