#LawRepositories - Paul Royster - Keynote - Shaping the Repository



Nebraska-Lincoln - Repository on Digital Commons

The Philosophy of the UNL Repository:
  • Service-first approach
  • Make it easy
  • Immediate feedback to authors
  • Maximum uploading
  • Repository belongs to the faculty / not to the university, or the people… (Interesting.)

11th Amendment Sovereign Immunity?

Tractor Test Reports
  • The unique collection, might be popular.
  • You’ll never know

Royster’s Unvarnished Opinions on Repositories
  1. Do it for them and they will approve
  2. Doesn’t believe in OA for the sake of OA
  3. CC licenses (but not a requirement)
  4. No depository mandate
  5. Control over IP scholars create
  6. It’s a publishing operation

Repository as Platform for Original Publishing
  • Print on demand
  • Free ebooks
  • 33 titles to date from publishing / really about access

Publishing Business Model is Broken:
  • Audience: 25 million U.S. college students and faculty; 3 billion internet uses online
  • Use library publishing as a bulwark against publishers
  • Eventually replace them?
  • Publishers exploit the faculty, bleed the library. We can make them stop.