#LawRepositories - Lightning Talks


Todd Ito & Thomas Drueke
  • University of Chicago (Chicago Unbound)
  • Databases and scripts
  • A real-live relational database!
    • UI is MS Access

  • Mostly Python and SQLServer
    • Excellent third-party tools that are helpful in academic law libraries
  • Customizations built on DigitalCommons
  • Selenium for browser automation

David Holt
Migrating student journals
  • Different strategies employed by different libraries.
  • Why automate?
    • Saves time...
    • Saves effort...
    • Consistency

How to get metadata into the repository (batch upload):
  • Journal structure
  • Public links from Dropbox
  • bepress spreadsheets filled out well

Screen scraper used at Santa Clara is OutWit Hub.
  • Also harvesting from ILP

Parsing the data:
  • The most difficult part

Information & instructions available:

Sean Chen
Leveraging OAI-PMH
  • Repositories are necessarily for content
  • Content reuse requires shaping content

Metadata Harvesting — You’ve got to have a way to get the content out
  • OAI-PMH is simple
  • and stable
  • and used by bunch of different languages

eTOCs → Can be generated
Batch XML used in Wordpress

Use harvesting to create CrossRef records, DOAJ, indexing and abstracting for vendors.

With Law Journal Publishing:
  • Student editors
  • Challenging publishing environment
  • But the product is important!

Mark Williams & Dan Blackaby
Combination of Cornell Law with LII
  • Addition of 22 additional fields to those required by bepress.
  • A way of connecting things in the Google search results.
  • Addition of a Google Author ID
  • SSRN IDs are also identifiers

And now, it’s time for dinner. Will be back tomorrow at #LawRepositories