#LawRepositories - Hollie White and Avery Le - Using Metrics to Make Repository Decisions


Hollie White:

Collecting the numbers:

The Obvious:
  • Number of papers
  • Number of downloads
  • Email of monthly usage from bepress
  • Author reports

Systematic Collecting:
  • What’s important to community?
  • When will you collect it?
    • Regularly!
  • Who wants to know?

bepress usage reports allow drilling down into the data.
Google Analytics.
  • For VISITS

Hollie collects:
  • Overall and collection level downloads.
  • Article level collections
  • Visitor information, looking for spikes.

Visits ≠ Downloads ≠ Citations
100 DLs to 1 Citation? Research a bit stale on this.

Communicates raw numbers to library leadership.
Also, to journal editors.
  • 9 student-run journals.
Monthly newsletter.
Annual celebration.

What’s Normal?
  • Every repository is different.
    • But, custom alerts in Google Alerts. Close to real-time monitor.
  • Spikes in traffic:
    • Is it a bot?
    • Is it conspiracy theorists?

Research Questions
  • Correlations and Multiple Regressions for statistical analysis of collection
    • Analysis in STATA
  • Example: Do metadata and downloads correlate?
  • Ranking of downloads

Avery Le:

Visualizations of metric data:
  • Who do you show this to?
    • Faculty
    • Administrators
  • Search Queries (from Google Analytics)
    • Tool: Tagul
  • Donut Chart (social media data)
    • Tool: AmCharts
  • Map (network domains)
    • Tool: Google Fusion Tables

Use — turn metrics into metadata. Some keywords more searched then others? Why not use them?