#LawRepositories - Breakout - Management of Repositories: Issues and Concerns


I sat at a table discussing...

Staffing Repositories:

Most of the folks at the table had repositories with bepress; one librarian has repository through SSRN.
  • The division between the two is a requirement of an abstract, which of course isn’t a bad idea whether it’s required or not.

Print workflows for technical services / collection services folks have been scaled down with the paring of collections. Work on the repository adds new tasks and skills to the jobs. This would be a distributed model of staffing a repository, with many hands but one head.

Staff work in customizing bepress Digital Commons is limited — will often tell journal students that there are simply some things that can’t be done on the system. Customer support good and absolutely essential at time of set-up.

Promoting repositories (not quite on topic) is a matter of showing the metrics and convincing faculty to participate.

As for grants to hire staff, the only thing that seems to move the needle is digitizing a unique collection.