Algorithmic Subjectivity

I’ve written about the illusion of algorithmic objectivity, but the topic seems to be in the news again, as I’m seeing versions of the same story pop up in many of my feeds. (Perhaps it’s showing up because of… wait for it… some kind of content filtering algorithm!)

Here’s a sampling:

From Wired Enterprise, excerpted from The Formula: How Algorithms Solve All Our Problems—And Create More, by Luke Dormehl (@lukedormehl):
"Algorithms Are Great and All, But They Can Also Ruin Lives"

Ars Technica’s article on the recent Google Anti-SLAPP case in California, and on search algorithms being considered editorial speech, and therefore free speech:
"Court agrees that Google’s search results qualify as free speech"

And finally, a Web event happening this afternoon:
“Algorithm Literacy in Social Media"